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If you follow me on twitter you should know now that H&M will be releasing its new collection in collaboration with the French House Maison Martin Margiela on Nov 15, 2012. MMM has always been more discreet on the ready-to-wear market than is H&M today, and this is why i’m not so exited about this collaboration: MMM will gain in popularity among young people, which, as far as i’m concerned, means a certain loss of prestige.

So how will the collection reflect the characteristics of the two brands? If you know a little about MMM, you would expect some unstructured cuts which retain a very fluid and elegant style. In terms of colours, black and white are to be expected as well as other rather neutral tones such as sand. We could expect something maybe more basic as HM usually does but we know from its collab with Versace or Lanvin that they want to keep the essence of the House in their capsule collection. What HM can bring else to MMM? Apart this gain of popularity- it could bring a luxury collection at a low range of price which could bring some new customers to the main brand of Margiela.
I went to one of my favourite shops in Toulouse yesterday and was surprised to see how bad the stock actually is – only three different tops in small size and a few pairs of white sneakers; but because sales have just started, their shoes were 50% off! Attractive opportunity you might say… But I remained wise and reasonable, I do not need any sneakers.

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