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I know it’s been a long time now (a month …) but I’ve been to the Fashion Interchange Day by the Solent University in Southampton. It took place at the Hilton; for this special occasion we had three important people in the e-marketing industry and two women in the visual marketing. For the first part on e-marketing they talk about how much it was important to people to buy without problems on the internet through e-shop. If you can buy something on internet without taking your car, driving to the shop, spending ages to find what you are looking for. So if you can buy it and (if it does not fit you) return it without compensation, why would you not do that? Obviously the main current aim of brands is to reduce the amount of returns, if I remember correctly one over ten people does actually return the product that they have bought.

About the visual-marketing, they explain how it was important for customers to feel free when you walk into a shop.- in fact you think you are free. But they set-up the design in such way you follow their path. Each shop/brand has a different design view, if you take A.P.C it’s an uncluttered style compared to … Hollister. It will depend mostly on your customers, if you want to attract teenagers, adults, …so keep that in mind, combine what you are selling with the customer’s view and adapt it into a design. A.P.C and Rick Owens do that perfectly.

We also had a goodie bag, the event was free but the goodie bag has a huge value (around £30!). Plus the Aspirine Solent summer 2012 issue; “a provider of information, advice and opportunities to fashion management students.” It’s totally true, even if I don’t want to go into Fashion Management but into Fashion Marketing there are plenty of website/how to do/… that you can use in your fashion studies.

Please, do not hesitate to ask any question if you have some about e-marketing, I’ll be glad to discuss.

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