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So there we are, these new collections are for some of them a real surprise and continue on the path they took since the last catwalk (no surprise for McQueen which is for me the best designer of this season), I am also quite happy with Gucci and Louis Vuitton which played on some greats and originals pattern. I have selected 4 looks that I really like, in fact I wanted just 3 of them but I could not decide of which one I had to let down so I put them all. The red is back.

Alexander McQueen :
I have nothing to say about this collection, the whole creation took my breath away, all these patterns are so well-mastered that it is a perfect for me. The first look could remind me the AW12 by Primark but  at 200floors above. The look 1 & 2 are my favourite, maybe because I love that kind of combination  between colours, white/black and red/black.
Balenciaga :
I really enjoy this collection as it brings a casual fresh-air to this market – I would not wear the outfit like that but i would take a piece of each and wear them on their own. 
Givenchy :
Even if I liked this collection, I am a bit disappointed by the fact that Tisci re-build this collection on the last one without many changes. So as I said most of these collections took the same way than the last season but at least some of them, even with the same breath they made it different and on this one I do not think that I look at a different collection.
Gucci :
This collection is awesome, I really encourage you to see the whole collection because I was really torn while I was selecting what look to put online. It is really classic, this is Gucci, but with an Italian touch, these looks 1 & 3 are really what I was waiting from them, this collection is more about Gucci than the last one for me.
Louis Vuitton :

After an impressive SS13 collection, this AW13 just finished the work for this year. Again we find some amazing patterns among this collection and some minimal pieces which balance the whole thing. My favourite looks are the first and the third one, I am really into pattern for this season I do not know why but at least I got some good looks to look at.
Lanvin :

I wanted to show you this Lanvin collection, a bit quirky for me and not really how I see the House, but still quite interesting with the fourth look and the second one, I do not really know how to explain my point of view on these looks but I like them.

During this week my selection for the menswear will be online soon, and more.



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