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This image was haunting the Fashion sphere for at least 2 months, “Fashion” critics and “journalists” enjoyed that moment as they could write roughly everything they wanted about Slimane because he did not follow the line, he crossed it. We were used to see each new DA to follow the line of the house with a touch of creativity from their own hand, but no, Slimane put his whole soul in the new collections of Yves Saint Laurent, starting by re-naming the house to Saint Laurent Paris. The way of using the new name properly is still a bit vague so we will be careful about that.
The first collection he did, was inspired from an old collection by YSL in the last 40 years, some fashion critics (yes apparently it is a job but qualifications for that job still gloomy) just wrote how bad Slimane was, no-skill, no-creativity, no-alotofthing. I am not going to link to any post on the internet  but if you have a look on BoF (for example) you will find them, I don’t want the author to ask me to remove the truth about their mistakes. So maybe yes, he was inspired by this collection and what? Even if he is not my favourite designer, you can easily see that some collection from others are sometimes inspired from another collection or from the same inspirations (a bit tricky but I meant the same source). So where is the line? Are we restricted as a DA to do what people are expecting from us? Or can we (as a DA) just surprise them? Is it not the job of DA allowing us to judge if it is a good one or not?
In fact I just wanted to share with you four looks that I liked from his last collection, we find once again the rock’n roll and glamour detail, dear to Hedi (yes his degree got in Paris endowed him with this touch).

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