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Hello again, it is now the first of October, therefore, it is time to get back on the track and we will start this year with a small post about the upcoming collaboration by H&M. I think everyone knows by now, that the French designer, Isabel Marant is the next house with which H&M will release a collaboration over this fall, from November. IM is a famous designer for women, from 16 to 35, she targets young and active women living in a city such as Paris or New-York. This collaboration is a safe choice for H&M, but we cannot expect some new wedge sneakers specially designed for H&M which are the best-seller of the House, as  I.Marant said there are too many copycat on the market, and she is right. 

Through this collaboration, H&M shows once more, that this company wants to be more than just a RTW company with basics stuff that you can find in every single RTW store like Zara, Newlook, Primark, … by collaborating with luxury house H&M is a step ahead its main rivals by offering something more than a simple RTW company, this is luxury design at a RTW price. Even if the MMM collab’ didn’t work that well for their customers, compared to this last unknown house for most of them, Isabel Marant is very popular (and also way more affordable than Margiela) therefore I guess that sales will be fine and will find the success that they are looking for. Will Givenchy be the next one? 

EDIT. While I was writing this post, and even after it was ready to be published the menswear collection from this collaboration leaked, so I will publish really soon another post about this collection a bit un-expected as it is the first collection for men from Isabel Marant and I have to say some pieces are quite nice.


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