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The S/S14 just happened in Milan, and it was time for Prada to show its new collection, was it going to be like the two lasts show, where shadows and mysteries incensed the catwalk? No, this time Miuccia smashed the front row with colours and a pop-art touch that you cannot deny.  She is an artist even though through her life she went through a more casual way of thinking by acting for the communist party in Milan. We find the whole pop-art panel mix, no faded colours, but strong and living ones, each colour has its own complementary colour, red/green, blue/yellow if it is not on one piece it will be on the whole outfit. 
That is it, each new catwalk is a brand new world set up by Miuccia, involving artists and architects in backstage to make it complete, the most important one is Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli, she makes a new world to allow her new pieces to live in their own world, that makes the piece :

“It is a very osmotic process: we start identifying the stage and set design at the same moment the design team start the identification of the collection. We begin with a workshop of creative thinking where we explore the concept of the show, and from then on it is an eight to ten week process of back and forth.” – I.P.Laparelli

Few elements can remind us our beloved designer, Raf Simons, he is a real fan of Miuccia’s work, she is an inspiration for him, that is why we may find some relative element in both Dior and Prada colour’s panel, pink, purple, green and blue they are all also well-used by Simons.
Another thing would be the use of high-socks to get an outfit a bit more sporty and to counter the idea of the classic luxury in this business, allowing Miuccia to play more with colours. Look at the ribbons, which gives, along the sporty touch, a comfy feeling about this luxurious collection, more casual and relax than the cold luxurious standard view that we can have of Prada and others. 

Mr.Rizzo is the stylist of Miuccia, he is, therefore, putting the garnments together, I would say, he brings them to life on one body, walking around the new world especially made for them. These pieces are extremely difficult to match and mix with a basic wardrobe, but you can play with it and have a lot of fun if you can follow the côté-décalé of this pop-Italian line.

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Are you tired of wearing your Quechua Bag Pack or Eastpak? Do you feel uncomfortable carrying your precious stuff (mobile, keys, wallet, notebook …) in a bag which does not match your style? Now this issue has gone far away as the menswear revolution ran pretty well and (finally!) enabled us to compete with women (ok maybe not on the amount of bags!). From Filson, Herschel and Hard Graft to Prada, Burberry, Louis Vuitton & Gucci you will find one or a hundred bags which will fit your hands. From the Tote model to the Back Pack, including the briefcase, you can now have one for each outfit that you want, working suits, casual outfits… Let’s change your bag into a murse.
Vous êtes fatigués de porter votre sac Quechua ou votre Eastpak? Vous n’appréciez plus transporter vos précieux accessoires (mobile, clés, portefeuille, agenda…) dans un sac qui ne s’accorde pas avec votre style? Maintenant, ce problème n’en est plus un, la révolution masculine s’étant très bien déroulée et nous permettant (enfin !) de rivaliser avec les femmes (bon peut-être pas sur le nombre de sac !). De Filson, Herschel et Hard Graft, à Prada, Burberry, Louis Vuitton & Gucci vous pouvez désormais choisir parmi un grand nombre de modèles celui ou ceux qui vous conviennent. Du modèle Tote bag au sac à dos, en passant par le porte-document, vous pouvez maintenant en avoir un de chaque pour accompagner vos tenues, pour le travail, pour le dimanche, ou tout simplement pour sortir entre ami(e)s.
Tote bag & Briefcase

Nick Wooster and his tote.

Filson 256 in Green
Obviously it will all depend on what use you want to make of it: a day at the office or a family week-end? Fancy some shopping? Carrying your laptop to your lecture? Regarding the latter option, as far as I am concerned, I would recommend a Filson 256 in Dark Tan, pretty handy to fit in my 13″ Macbook, a notepad and a few pens. But what I am looking for now is a back pack (and a weekender) which will remain much more comfortable and prevent any pains in one shoulder or the other. A few months ago I discovered a Korean brand named CUSTOMELLOW, rather interesting but unluckily and sadly they do not (yet) deliver in Europe/Asia/America/Africa. So I have resigned myself to my fate and kept searching, for I do not have enough money to spend on any of the new Burberry collection anyway. So I might just try and find something in H&M, Topman, River Island or L&S. Any idea where I could find leather bag similar to the Burberry’s?
Evidemment, le modèle dépendra de l’usage que vous voulez en faire : journée de travail ou week-end? Séance shopping? Transporter votre ordinateur portable en cours? Pour cette dernière option, en ce qui me concerne, je possède un Filson 256 en Dark Tan, très pratique pour transporter mon mb 13″ avec un bloc-notes et quelques stylos. Mais je suis actuellement à la recherche d’un sac à dos, qui restera tout de même bien plus confortable, même à partir d’un certain poids et qui évitera les douleurs dans une épaule ou dans l’autre. Il y a quelques mois, j’ai découvert une marque Coréenne nommée CUSTOMELLOW, très intéressante certes, mais le souci, c’est qu’ils ne livrent pas encore à l’étranger… Je dois donc prendre mon mal en patience et continuer mes recherches! Et comme je n’ai pas encore assez d’argent à dépenser dans un modèle de la nouvelle collection de Burberry, je pense peut-être me tourner vers H&M, Topman ou encore River Island et L&S. Auriez-vous une idée d’où trouver un modèle en cuir, un peu comme dans le style du Burberry?
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The Fashion Week is running well this year and we know now what is going to be in store next year. As I would like to present you my world, I have picked my three favourite outfits of each of my favourite designers. Enjoy:

Alexander McQueen

Burberry Prorsum




Louis Vuitton


Ralph Lauren

Thom Browne

Tommy Hilfiger



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