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Get back to School.

It’s now time to get back to school and therefore to get a new wardrobe. If I’ve been rather busy over the last few weeks (and I certainly will be just as busy until the end of August), it still wasn’t enough to prevent me from devoting myself to my daily online shopping session… Here are a few things I picked for this Rentrée and some other little discoveries. I know it is pretty basic stuff – but with nice colours that I like to wear. The thing is, as I am a very skinny person I need a 34-36 size (for the top)  and the Grenfell Trench is not available in this size or if you find one please leave a comment! I have already got a Suit Naver Blazer like the Gant Rugger (Number 1.) but it has only one button, so clearly it’s for early autumn – end of this summer.
1. Gant Rugger Hopsack Peak Lapel Blazer. 2. Priemata Derby Brogue Shoes. 3. Burberry Wool Tie.
4. Gant Herringbone Check Blazer. 5. Burberry Woven Leather Belt. 6. Gant Ribbed Velvet Trousers.
7. Grenfell Trench
Why did I name this picked-list The September Issue? As you should know the September Issue for a fashion magazine is the most important issue of the year, the one that’s got the biggest influence on readers. So yes, I go this way – the Rentrée is really important for us, because it represents a fresh start. We get to meet new people and get new stuff for the year etc… I believe it’s essential to be prepared for all these things and to me, ‘being prepared’ simply means (among other things of course!) updating my wardrobe ;-) The only thing missing now is a nice umbrella.

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