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Primark AW12

The Primark collection AW12 is a total surprise for the whole fashion industry in the ready-to-wear(-lowcost). If this collection is at the same level than its lookbook it’s gonna be a serious competitor to H&M and Zara. A new page is being written in the Primark’s Story? Or just a miracle for this winter?

We have the usual colour’s range for an Autumn/Winter collection, grey, navy, brown and black. But this one comes among dark purple, red, dark yellow, … For the men collection there are no surprise, no original-pattern, we used to see that. But for the women collection I am a bit surprised, stripped / an old-vintage pattern / amazing collars / …

The price’s range will stay the same, but the quality of their look is growing up and this new collection is like a magic potion for beans.

I will not be able to shop this collection before I get back to England in September but I cannot wait to see it by my own eyes. Is it just a fake image or will it survive more than a winter?

Do not hesitate to tell me your story if you have already bought some items.



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