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The S/S14 just happened in Milan, and it was time for Prada to show its new collection, was it going to be like the two lasts show, where shadows and mysteries incensed the catwalk? No, this time Miuccia smashed the front row with colours and a pop-art touch that you cannot deny.  She is an artist even though through her life she went through a more casual way of thinking by acting for the communist party in Milan. We find the whole pop-art panel mix, no faded colours, but strong and living ones, each colour has its own complementary colour, red/green, blue/yellow if it is not on one piece it will be on the whole outfit. 
That is it, each new catwalk is a brand new world set up by Miuccia, involving artists and architects in backstage to make it complete, the most important one is Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli, she makes a new world to allow her new pieces to live in their own world, that makes the piece :

“It is a very osmotic process: we start identifying the stage and set design at the same moment the design team start the identification of the collection. We begin with a workshop of creative thinking where we explore the concept of the show, and from then on it is an eight to ten week process of back and forth.” – I.P.Laparelli

Few elements can remind us our beloved designer, Raf Simons, he is a real fan of Miuccia’s work, she is an inspiration for him, that is why we may find some relative element in both Dior and Prada colour’s panel, pink, purple, green and blue they are all also well-used by Simons.
Another thing would be the use of high-socks to get an outfit a bit more sporty and to counter the idea of the classic luxury in this business, allowing Miuccia to play more with colours. Look at the ribbons, which gives, along the sporty touch, a comfy feeling about this luxurious collection, more casual and relax than the cold luxurious standard view that we can have of Prada and others. 

Mr.Rizzo is the stylist of Miuccia, he is, therefore, putting the garnments together, I would say, he brings them to life on one body, walking around the new world especially made for them. These pieces are extremely difficult to match and mix with a basic wardrobe, but you can play with it and have a lot of fun if you can follow the côté-décalé of this pop-Italian line.

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Last year we could have seen a massive come back of the print in our wardrobe, and this year carries the previous trend but with a floral touch more related to a sunny spring than a hot summer. From Etro to Burberry the print was on every catwalk. Obviously McQueen does a lot of floral print since many collections but this SS13 is like a meeting by all DA saying yeah let’s do some floral print! Last year I bought a floral jumper from Czech Republic from Aloha From Deer, I was a bit in advance on that trend as last year we saw the print coming back but in a more general way as you can see on this post from May of last year.

After having started this post, the amazing floral print collection by Raf Simons for mr Porter came out. I have nothing else to say, judge by yourself, I could buy the entire collection if I had the money! I already have a floral print jumper from last year but this kind of piece is really nice, we will see if after my summer I can get one (print on navy) jumper or the short!

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