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Why? Yes why? Why is it important to be seen in a Fashion Event? There are two ways to think, the first one is if  “do you want to be known?” (And by “known” I am not thinking about known like Garance Doree is …) or “Do you just want to be someone behind the scene?”
On the first wave, you got it, if you want to make connections, if you want to show your work or spread the word about what you are doing/writing/blogging, you have to attend Fashion events. You will never know who you can meet there, from a hand-shake to a glance at your style, it could be the one. So be ready with your business card in one hand and get the other one ready to shake her pears.
Really relevant – but typically what you see in a report …
(But I do recommend this lovely little cafe named Fernandez & Wells)

I have been to London for the Fashion Week (-end, you can already see a post about it) and ludicrously you have a lot of people who are trying to get some Streetstyle pictures to be the next Scott Schurman or trying to be overdressed with the last trend on Tumblr like the fake-collar and the camo shirt and now the Homies jumper. Thanks lord there were some people who know how to be well-dressed and impressed others just with good cuts and the perfect match. As you know you can buy a lot of stuff from this event and sadly … too many people were just there to get discounts on a lot of branded stuff even if it didn’t match their style ( from the Alexander McQueen briefcase to Dolce & Gabbana ugly cuts (some shirts was horrible).

So for now it is time to book my ticket for the next one in June (I missed the one in February (and I will write another article about what I think of the current blogosphere AKA Shopping Window).



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