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Playlist #2

As I said, here is my Playlist #2 for this week:

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Sometimes you have to admit that you do not have the inspiration/motivation to write a post, when days are dark at 4pm and cold – it could be hard to keep the same rhythm through this season. But sometimes you have something that gives you the inspiration, then you re-start doing what you like because you know you want to and know you know (now) how to carry on. So yes, until this week-end I had no inspiration for my blog and I didn’t want to finish and publish my drafts but I had a little thing which gave me inspiration. The new album, Babel, by Mumford and Sons, of course I bought it “day-one” but I forgot a little about it and on my way back to France I had time to re-listen to it. I am sure you know them now as it is a trendy band in Britain and they are doing an Europe-Tour but I will miss the date as I will fly to Shanghai at the same time. (19th of March then at Toulouse at the Bikini)

This is my favourite song with Below my feet and Lover of the light. Founded in 2007, from London Marcus Mumford and his friends brought us one of the best folk group of these last years. They have won many awards like the Billboard music and the BRIT award! 
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Due to my studies I will to have to be more immersed into the business of the Fashion, great timing I was following a bit more the market since the fall of Aquascutum in Chineses’s hands (for £15 million). At the beginning of this new term companies are publishing their results in sales and trends on the last semester and for the upcoming semester. We are glad to hear that the luxury market is going well, to 1 to 52.2% (cf. Reuters) for Michael Kors it was not really expected (such a good wealth) in those dark times. But if we look more closely where those sales come from? They come form Asia, China upon all.

China, well as you know China is the biggest market on Earth, every luxury brands have their biggest benefits from this country, but since a simple picture which made a horde of Chinese bloggers writing about the ire on their blog, the government took some directive – crackdown, from the China Daily :

Luxury products are highly expensive and civil servants, whose salaries are about 5,000 yuan (£487) a month, cannot afford them,” China Daily reported on Friday. “So officials who possess luxury products should give convincing explanations on how they got them.

Therefore if the thousands gifts (because you can buy a gift for another person in China within a budget, but this gift is in a certain way like to say thank you or welcome to an international customers/business man/partner/… but some people are/were abusing) made each year with the government’s money will be forbidden (at least), inevitably the demand will slow down, obviously the market could fall but there will be no-breakdown but it could affect seriously the market in China. Burberry and Prada (two of the favourites designers brand of the Chinese people) are both showing some slowing down results from China for this end of the year contrasting with the results expected (even if Prada was  the last one standing on the “growth boat”) – Burberry has just signed for a new shop in Hong Kong on Russell Street for £624k a month of property. But HK, which is now the most expensive city for retailers, still a different place and need to be considered on its own but it shows the expectation made by group to increase their sales in this area.

Through this recession (yes even in China, proud to own 40% of the world debt) the Chinese, now, are considering to buy discount and second-hand clothes and accessories, outlet village are becoming more important as they are in Europe. So I am not saying that China is not a juicy market anymore, on the contrary it remains a wonderful business with a luxury blazing market  – but it would be wise to be careful about trends, everything could happen.

En raison de mes études, je vais devoir être un peu plus imprégné du business de la mode et ça tombe bien car depuis la chute d’Aquascutum dans les mains d’un groupe chinois (pour environ 15 milles livres) je me suis bien penché dessus. Au début de cette nouvelle période, les compagnies vont publier leurs résultats de ventes ce qui nous donneront des tendances pour le semestre suivant. On ne peut qu’être ravi d’entendre que le marché du luxe se porte bien, de 1 à 52,2% (cf. Reuters) pour Michael Kors (par exemple), ce n’était pas vraiment attendu (une telle vitalité) dans cette période de récession. Mais si on regarde un peu de plus près, d’où proviennent ces ventes? Elles viennent d’Asie, et parmi elles la Chine menant la barque.

La Chine, bon comme vous le savez le marché chinois est le plus important de la planète, chaque maison de luxe y-font leurs plus gros bénéfices. Mais depuis qu’une simple photo provoqua la haine et la colère de milliers de bloggers chinois, diffusant leurs maux, le gouvernement a décidé d’agir et de punir sévèrement (tout d’abord les jeunes hommes sur la photo ont vu leurs parents licenciés du gouvernement), en provenance du China Daily :

“Les produits de luxe sont très cher et les fonctionnaires, qui ont un salaire d’environ 600euros mensuel, ne peuvent pas se les permettre. Donc les fonctionnaires qui possèdent des produits de luxe devront pouvoir prouver et convaincre les autorités de comment ils les ont obtenus.”

De ce fait, si les milliers de cadeaux (oui cadeaux, parce que en Chine il est coutume d’offrir à son prochain en gage de remerciement pour par exemple un contrat, une nouvelle alliance, etc. bref un cadeau en remerciement. Généralement c’est pour des étrangers mais ça peut se faire aussi entre chinois, la preuve ;) et donc certains en ont un petit peu abusé) faits chaque année avec l’argent du gouvernement sont maintenant interdit (ou mieux contrôlés), inévitablement, la demande va ralentir – certainement le marché pourrait baisser mais il n’y aura aucune rupture brutale. Mais ça pourrait tout de même bien affecter tout le marché chinois, Burberry et Prada (deux des créateurs favoris des chinois) étant tout deux affiche déjà des résultats en baisse depuis la Chine pour cette fin d’année (avec des tendances à la baisse et non à de fortes hausses comme auparavant) et ce même si Prada était le dernier groupe à rester en croissance là-bas il va devoir se plier à la tendance. – Burberry a d’ailleurs tout juste signé pour un nouveau magasin à Hong-Kong pour la coquette somme de 775k€ / mois. Mais HK, malgré le fait qu’elle soit devenue la ville la plus chère du monde pour les revendeurs, reste une place à considérer à part de la Chine. 

A travers cette récession (oui même en Chine, fiers de leur part atteignant les 40% de la dette mondiale) les chinois commencent maintenant à acheter à prix discount ou encore dans des magasins vintage, braderie, d’occasion et les outlet villages s’imposent de plus en plus comme en Europe. Alors je ne dis pas que la Chine ne va plus rien rapporter, au contraire elle rapporte toujours gros (sur un ensemble global) avec un marché du luxe toujours flamboyant, mais il ne faut pas rester trop longtemps sur son petit nuage, la roue peut tourner facilement. ;)



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For the second time I have been selected to be a Link à la Mode for this week by IFB.

Happy Halloween! (I post it a bit late sorry …)

Edited By: Taylor Davies
I want to start this week’s Links a la Mode by very quickly and briefly sending out thoughts and prayers to those most severely affected by Superstorm Sandy. We had a lot of great submissions this week, many of them Halloween themed! From Beetlejuice pants to costumes a la Anna Wintour and Victoria Beckham, and appropriately dark black lace. We also had some very thoughtful, introspective posts on the self, personal style and a blogger donating her hair to locks of love.



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I had my last day in Canterbury this friday. My last exam (finally) was at 9:30am then I’ve packed my stuff to be ready to go out. Well I spent my first year abroad (time goes so fast) – it was really enriching because when I left Toulouse I never had spoken in English and now I’m feeling more confident and ready for next year … (I didn’t say that my english was perfect, it’s far away from that point.)
As I was really busy last days this post comes along news; I had my offer from Winchester School of Arts for the Fashion Marketing degree (if you know someone who has done one year in physics then swapped into a BA let me know!) 
I definitely cannot wait until October, I will be a fresher again but this time into a degree that I have chosen wisely after trying in the first place a BSc, start a new life into a new town.
I have no more excuse now I will post you my outfits and update my blog regularly. Thus I will also start my lookbook! I was to lazy to start it but I see more and more guys on LB now and I don’t want to be the last one.

But what about fashion in that post? Just a few, there are no-shops in Canterbury only H&M, Zara, River Island, … not the shop that you like as little shops with some original products. But I discovered one for men “County Clothes” it’s a style very classic with such brand as Barbour.

Two floors with an old stairs in a wonderful oak wood; sport jacket, blazers and trousers are upstairs with a lot, a lot of blazer. Ties, polo, shoes and jackets are on the first floor. You ask the team for everything they are really friendly and always available when you need it. The price range is not too bad you pay for what you get and I think that it’s the most important thing. I would had taken pictures from the inside but I was too shy to ask for it.

I will ask the next time I will be in Canterbury!

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This is my first outfit picture, not my favorite one because it’s for a competition at the Gallerie Lafayette, therefore it is a real casual outfit (a better view, because I don’t usually wear trousers coming up to my navel, so just have a look here sorry for the mess ;) )

Eyewear: Tod’s  
Knitwear: JackWills 
Chino: Gant Rugger
Socks: Archiduchesse
Car shoes: Bobbies Shoes  

You can vote here/

The jumper is navy but the contrast is actually not good enough to show the right colour. Socks are raspberry (kind of a bright raspberry colour). The chino is a petrol blue- which matches the navy jumper perfectly.

The car shoes in caramel, are from Bobbies- a French brand established in Paris. I have worked for them in Toulouse as a salesman. I did it great, I made some sales, if you travel down to Toulouse, you’ll remember my post!

By the way the socks are handmade in France.- they have plenty of colours available on their website.

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Beneath the nice weather of Versailles, the most French place in France, Chanel shows its new Cruise collection to the world. Dressed in light colours, girls walked around the garden and captivated our eyes. Why would you not one of its outfits for your next cruise? 

This collection will stay longer than a normal collection, like the summer one, maybe because it’s a best-seller for each of the Houses.

Did I tell you that my great-grandma was a dressmaker at Chanel? 

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